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Episode #2x26: Anyone Can Ride Andrew

By #Millennial

This episode brought to you by Monday Afternoon: a great time to record if you want to make your convention coverage as dated as possible. ​The night is always darkest before the dawn, and this week, "the dawn" is Roger Ailes ​getting thrown out of Fox News. AP Choice and listener feedback asks us about dealing with ignorant family members, the new gay Bachelor, and more. ​A failed military coup in Turkey initiates a massive despotic crackdown by President Erdogan, and we bring on a Turkish native to give us his POV. How much is your butthole worth? Andrew's boyfriend is ready to pimp out our favorite host on a new escort service disguised as dating app. Devil's Advocate asks whether the RNC should walk the walk by allowing open carry at this week's convention. Speaking of the convention: our new election coverage segment, Dumpster Fire 2016, discusses Trump's VP announcement and puts in a call to Mike Pence's press secretary.  ​

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