Living in Your Bliss with Veronique Pierre

By Pauline Victoria

Many of us are raised to get a job that can provide safety and security. But what if what is safe and secure is not what makes you happy. Our guest for this episode, Veronique Pierre is an multidisciplinary artist who celebrates life, creativity and movement through her artwork  from the northshore of Montreal, Quebec.  She believes and lives by the philosophy that it is possible to live in our bliss. Veronique evolves in the entertainment industry, the visual arts and is a specialist of theatrical expression in the figure skating world. And fun fact...she loves everything Italian and tea. I believe that we were not created to live in suffering, to be what is called the walking dead, surviving but not living.  I believe we were born on this planet to be expressions of love, joy and light. And we can only do that if we have the courage to live in our bliss. And as we do that, we can inspire others to do the same, just like Veronique. In our bliss, we are able to celebrate and inspire small victories. Here are the takeaways: If you can’t receive the blessing from those you love, have courage in the knowing of who you are and what you were created for on this planet to live in your bliss. Leave space to be open for those clues that can guide you to your bliss. When we’re in a place of discontent, take a time out to get back in touch with yourself.  What you want exists within you. It’s ok to have and express multiple talents.  Embrace them all. There’s room for everyone.  Your qualities, your experiences, your gifts and your perspective are what sets you apart. Be able to express who you are and what you do in your own words rather than comparing yourself to another known brand. Learn more about Veronique Pierre at IG:

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