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The simple art of meditation with Kevin Janks

By Jackrabbit.FM

In May 2016 Ben and Brooke completed a month-long daily meditation experiment, which proved to be one of the most positive changes Brooke made last year. She’s still an (almost) daily meditator and will talk to anyone and everyone about the massive benefits to be gained from making it a regular part of their day. But she finds there is a handful of common reasons why people don’t want to try meditation: they’re skeptical of its usefuness they dislike the religious or spiritual connotations of the practice they don’t have time to meditate daily they’re scientifically minded and want proof of its effectiveness After meeting Kevin Janks at an event recently and hearing his story, she knew he would be an amazing guest who could help dispel many of these obstacles - because in the past he's used them all himself. Kevin used to struggle with anxiety as a result of a fast-paced, hectic, successful life, and was introduced to meditation by his partner. Initially very (very) skeptical, Kevin eventually conducted his own meditation experiment and couldn’t deny the positive benefits after only a day or two. Since then he’s travelled to India to study many elements of meditation, and in 2015 opened Centred Meditation - Sydney’s first drop-in meditation centre, right in the CBD. He now spends his days helping stressed, overwhelmed professionals learn the process of meditation, and sees daily examples of the power of simply being present. This is such an open, honest conversation and Kevin and Brooke speak about their entry points to meditation, the benefits Kevin has experienced as well as the changes he sees in clients who practice at the studio. They talk about the difference between cynicism and skepticism when it comes to meditation, the value of mindfulness techniques in addition to (or instead of) a formal practise, and the way meditation has impacted both his relationships with others and himself. Head over to for a full blog post, links to lots of meditation resources and show notes, and have a great week! ==== If you're enjoying the show and want to know how to best support it, leave a rating or a review in iTunes or head over to the Patreon page to help support the show financially. And thanks so much for listening! ====

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