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Episode 93: Greg Glassman

By Chris Cooper & Greg Strauch

Greg Glassman isn't your average genius. Greg shares the mannerisms of the virtuoso: he moves while he talks, fidgeting with coasters on the table. He leans in, then back, tipping his chair from one side to the next. His answers are so quick, most of the time, that you'd think they were rehearsed. But they're not. And Greg isn't just a big thinker. He's also a big doer: he acts. He travels extensively. He has frequent speaking engagements. Old-time CrossFit fans will remember his monthly manifesto, emailed as a PDF to be printed with "CrossFit Journal" on the top. In 2001, he put the workouts from his private training gym online for free, and hasn't missed a day since. Greg has spawned a worldwide health initiative. He's also given over 25,000 people the opportunity to be entrepreneurs and change lives. This is my passion. But that's not his true genius. Last week on this podcast, I introduced some of Greg's Media team--Tyson Oldroyd, Mike Warkentin and Matt Bischel. They're part of "CrossFit HQ" -- an army of professionals dedicated to helping Greg's affiliates. They're all loyal to the point of fanaticism; many have been with the company a decade already. Very few people quit CrossFit HQ: they love the opportunity to serve in a meaningful way. And they love Greg. I flew across the country to sit with Greg at his kitchen table for 90 minutes. It took days of travel and three years of conversation to reach this point. My questions weren't pre-approved or censored afterward. Greg greeted me at his front door with a hug; when we parted a few hours later, he said "Love ya, man. Keep doing what you're doing." THAT is Greg's true genius: the ability to spread his care; to inspire everyone around him to beat their plowshares into swords and follow him. "CrossFit is not an exercise program. It's a fitness program." What did Greg mean by that? Listen in...

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