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Episode 66 – Timeless Cool

By Wyatt Shell and Jake Withee

Pyramid power! Greek robots! Other Ancient Aliens bait! It can mean only one thing: tech tales from antiquity on Superduperstitious!Wyatt kicks it off with a perhaps less well known conspiracy surrounding the Great Pyramid of Giza. And it’s not even the Daniel Jackson kind! Instead, it’s the one where the pyramid is actually a giant electrical power plant, one that a future David Bowie character could be proud of. And the weirdest part? There is a downright stupid amount of plausibility to this one.Jake then gives us robots through the ages — Italian robots, a boat that totally doesn’t just sink, Hero’s high-speed porn tower — all the hits! And these babies are fully programmable, with not one sign of Skynet crap.You’ll get all that, plus the introduction of an informative new segment (The Quaff™), all on this historically riveting new episode!EPISODE LINKSPatreon:’s storyGreat pyramid: cross section: power plant: light: discharge bulb: maybe works:’s storyNewScientist article: Vinci’s lion:’s robot: video:

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