The Women of Horror Part 1

By Andrew Morris

In this week’s episode we had the absolute honor and privilege to speak with four women from the world of horror! The first of the four awesome ladies I spoke with, was Holly Crisler. She is an avid horror enthusiast, actress, and make-up artist. During our conversation we discuss the roles women play in the world of horror and how one of her greatest accomplishments was scaring the pee out of a young man as a haunt worker. The next two guests I had opportunity to speak with were Leila Toba and Killarney Traynor. Leila is a stage and film actress who currently is living out her dreams in Hollywood. Killarney Traynor is a writer, stage actress, director and author of six books. Both of these ladies performed in a virtual adaption of Robert Louis Stevenson’s terrifying classic Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, and we discussed the unique world of performing live theater online. Throughout our conversation we discussed the ways in which the horror genre can purvey a sense of hope for audience members. We also delved into the world of the varying folklore and terrifying goings on in the world including the figure of the Jinn from the Muslim culture. Finally, our last guest is Tabby Gray. She is a mother, wife, and master of fright having worked at several local haunted attractions over the course of the last 15 years or so. In our chat we cover discuss the importance of inclusion in the horror and film world. Tabby also shares her favorite memory of scarring the crap out of visitors to her haunted attraction. I hope everyone enjoys this awesome chat with these fantastic ladies of the horror world! Credits “Is Horror Sexist or Feminist?' ft. Diablo Cody & More | Eli Roth’s History of Horror” AMC – Eli Roth’s History of Horror: Is Horror Sexist of Feminist? October 1, 2018 Guest Info and Credits Holly Crisler (Culbertson Mansion) Leila Toba Bookings and inquiries email (Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde) Killarney Traynor ( Tabby Gray ( ( Support this podcast

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