A Conversation With The Bubble Lounge Ladies: Nellie Sciutto + Martha Jackson

The Fielder Report

Aug 2020

14 min 11 sec

This week on TFR we're having a conversation with Nellie Sciutto and Martha Jackson, hosts of the The Bubble Lounge Podcast. We talk everything, from fashion to whether or not to send our kids back to school. About The Bubble Lounge: "The Bubble Lounge is the only weekly podcast show created for women in the Park Cites, affectionally known as “The Bubble”.

Each week, we discuss a variety of topics including events, things to see and do, and interview influential residents in the neighborhood. We are most proud of connecting our audience with new businesses in our community. Nothing makes us happier than hearing a restaurant owner started serving Peticolas beer in their restaurant because we interviewed them; or that a group of women went to a restaurant we recommended.

Podcast Episode