Episode 163- Understanding the nuance of autism, with Dr. Kat Lewitzke

Adventures in Autism

Nov 3

46 min 2 sec

Today I’m chatting with clinical psychologist, Dr. Kat Lewitzke. Dr. Kat is the clinic director of Bright Pine Behavioral Health, a private mental health facility located in metro-Detroit (established in 2017). She specializes in pediatric neuropsychology and working with individuals diagnosed with autism, ADHD, learning difficulties, behavioral concerns, and emotional dysregulation from youth through adulthood. Dr. Kat especially focuses on early childhood in the assessment and diagnosis of autism in toddlers as young as 12 months. She has been presented with a Metro Detroit

Mom-Approved Doc Award (2019), and values a strong patient-clinician relationship. Dr. Kat is a mother herself of two young children, and is a compassionate clinician who understands the importance of finding eminent care. Dr. Kat and I talk about everything from seeking a diagnosis to finding good resources for adults on the spectrum. I throughly enjoy our conversation and I hope you enjoy listening!

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