How to spot world-class talent in a highly competitive market: James Chiu, CEO of Vatic Investments

The Leadership Learns Podcast

Nov 16

40 min 9 sec

James Chiu, CEO of Vatic Investments shares the philosophy behind the global quantitative trading firm. With plans to increase their global presence in New York, London and Singapore, James shares how he has built a world-class team with some of the best mathematicians and physicists in finance, the role of AI in shaping the industry and tactics to attract the next generation of technology talent.Discussions in the episode:The balancing act between confidence and egoHow to cultivate a culture that world-class talent thrives inTactics and processes within the interview stageBiggest hiring challenges and tactics to overcome themThe acceleration of AI and how this is reshaping the industryAttracting the next generation of technology talentClick here to reach out to Peter Rabey direct Like this show? Please leave us a review. Every review helps. 

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