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34: Why Do I feel Guilty for Working???

By Coby Stokman

The daycare/school drop off guilts is real. Weather you’ve been up at the crack of dawn or hardly slept all night and the kids are then jumping on you at 7am to get out of bed but all your mind wants to do is have about 28.5 hrs of uninterrupted sleep – that drop off, those guilts they are real feelings. But, why? Why do we feel guilty?    KEY TAKEAWAYS: You’re not alone. Those guilty feelings weather you get sleep or don’t, weather your kids are in care from 7am-6pm or for 2hr. I remember calling my Mum everyday bawling my eyes out. I also remember calling her a few weeks ago SO upset because they didn’t want me to leave them Feeling guilty is because you have broken a standard you have set for yourself in your mind You can choose to BELIEVE something else, change your situation so it does match your beliefs OR go about life knowing that this is something that you are going to feel.   TOOLS: You can choose to change your beliefs….(tune in to find out how to do this!)   CONNECT If you haven’t already, go connect with me! Web:  Facebook: @therealmumlife Instagram: @therealmumlifeaus   DO YOU LOVE THE REAL MUM LIFE PODCAST?   Mama’s, we’re practically already best friends, but I’d love you even more if you would subscribe to The Real Mum Life Podcast on iTunes and give us a review!  

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