Ask Paul Season 2 Episode 8

By Addoley Dzegede and Anna Ihle

ASK PAUL Ask Addoley + Anna asks advice from artist and publisher Paul John in our cabin. He sheds his wisdom on the following questions:
 How to find a side kick/ assistant that can work with me a couple of times a week? Is it ok to be hyper commercial and hyper underground at the same time What should I do if someone plagiarizes my work? Ask Addoley + Anna is a collaboration between artists Addoley Dzegede and Anna Ihle in the form of a podcast. Ask Addoley + Anna offers advice on career, home economics and relationships. Season 2 is commissioned by Coast Contemporary. Coast Contemporary is supported by: KORO, Utenriksdepartementet, Bergen Kommune and Stavanger kommune. Thanks to Espen Birkedal and Hans Edward Hammonds for jingle support.

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