Episode 01 Steven Wright - The Suffolk Strangler

By Dr Jane

In the first Why Killers Kill Podcast, Dr. Jane explores in psychological detail the case of Steven Wright also known as the Suffolk Strangler. In Ipswich on the east coast of England, in the late Autumn (Fall) of 2006 a local dock worker, Steven Wright, suddenly abducted, killed and dumped the bodies of five young women, all of whom had been selling sex in exchange for money to fund their long term drug addictions.Starting with the murders themselves, Dr Jane examines what actually happened to the five women, who they were.  Then importantly how their bodies were found and what clues there were to the killer and how he was caught.    Dr Jane then examines the details of Steven Wright's background, his early life, family and relationships to gain an understanding of his psychological state of mind that would lead to the deaths of five young women.Dr Jane then looks at Steve Wright's mind set in both police interviews and at his subsequent trial to get an insight to his thoughts, emotions, behaviours and his attitude towards his victims and ultimately why he became a serial killer.  

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