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2020, are we still in the experience economy? With Joseph Pine

By Carlo Pignataro

It was 1999 when a book titled “The experience economy” made its appearance in the bookstores around the world.Many listeners will surely remember how companies, back then, were still busy producing goods and delivering services at full speed and very few of them, with the exception of some in the entertainment and hospitality industry, would ever think of their interactions with their clients as EXPERIENCES.Yet, experiences they were, for experience is an inevitable dimension of human life.When asked if they were trying to predict the future, authors Pine and Gilmour always answered that they were anything but futurists and that their work was grounded in history and in the present.Fast forward two decades, CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE has become not just a common language, but a concept that pretty much every company in every industry says they are fully committed to.However, the reason many companies do not succeed, despite their effort, in staging memorable and transformative experiences for their customers is because they fail to use the framework explained in the book The Experience Economy, which, by the way,  was re-issued in 2019 with many updates, and which is based on universal principles that make it as current and as effective today as it’s ever been.In my conversation with Co-author B. Joseph Pine II,I've learned:Experiences are NOT just nice and easy serviceExperiences are time well spentExperiences must be designed and stagedExperience must leave positive cluesDifference between Experiential Marketing and Marketing ExperiencesExperiences are at the highest level of the economic progressionA theme helps create a memorable experienceExperience designers should take inspiration from theatre

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