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46: Feel Everything

By Satori Prime: Guy and Ilan Ferdman

Show Notes: You can’t be static, you too have to transform. (click to tweet) When we take action, it’s usually from the wrong place. We have a survival instinct that makes us doubt everything. As a result we miss important opportunities, and put our mind in a negative place. We’re no longer living in the wild, worried some animal is going to eat us. We need to let that mentality go. Open up your heart, feel more, and think less. Your mind will cloud your judgment with negativity. That may have been fine a thousand years ago, but in today's fast paced world where people are out to help more than hurt you need to abandon that instinct. We look at being gullible as a bad thing, but in reality it can be great. Open your mind and let your subconscious take in whatever it can. If something works, it’s amazing. If it doesn’t, what do you really lose out on? On this episode of Have It All, Guy and Ilan take live questions from the community. They address a wide range of topics from the right way to make a checklist, to dealing with a “no”, to learning how to attract the right opportunities into your life. Download this episode of Have It All to expand your spirituality as well as your business life. Actions shouldn’t be from the ego, or looking good, or it’s not busy work. Do things because you’re inspired. (click to tweet) The Cliff Notes: Make a heart checklist over a brain checklist. The only constant in this universe is change. You can’t be static, you too have to transform. Being susceptible or “gullible” can be a good thing. If there is a doubt behind something your brain won’t send it to your subconscious. What conversations are you having that is in direct conflict with your intention? Make sure your actions and conversations align with your desires. Don’t take actions to survive, take actions toward your desires. Don’t try to force an outcome. You will become blind to opportunities that come to you. It’s not from the ego, or looking good, and it’s not busy work. No one wants to be around “needy” energy. Trust that things will unfold in their perfect way. You need to understand the why, not the how. All you have to do is share your ideas and passions, opportunities will find a way. Passion breeds more passion. Being around enthusiastic people will make you more enthusiastic. Feeling it is more important than seeing it. As soon as you get attached to something you’ve stopped all other opportunities from showing themselves to you. When you are sharing your idea with someone, don’t hold back! “No” should be your second favorite answer. When you approach someone imagine they are a “yes”. Every experience that happens to us, happens to serve our greater good. Every thought is a magnet. Fear and anxiety have manifested everything bad that’s happened in your life. You need to feel everything. Ask yourself, “Where is my ability to receive?” Trust and half faith that life knows better. What if you didn’t buy into opinions about what’s going on? Be mindful that your emotions are just a sensation. No one wants to be around someone that’s needy. (click to tweet) Links: The Surrender Experiment Show Notes: more about your ad choices. Visit

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