Overtime Pay: Exempt vs. Non-Exempt

By BerniePortal

In this episode host Ryan McCostlin goes over the 2020 changes to overtime pay. He covers the history of the 40 hour work week and the foundation of overtime law. Ryan discusses the difference between exempt vs. non-exempt employees, plus the benefits of having exempt and non-exempt employees. He also divulges the “Five Stages of Overtime Grief” that come when having to restructure an organization, along with tips for transitioning to become compliant with the new overtime law. http://bit.ly/2NEQ5Qb (BerniePortal: The all-in-one HRIS that makes building a business & managing its people easy) https://bit.ly/what-is-an-hris (What is an HRIS?) http://bit.ly/time-theft (Blog Post: Stop Employee Time Theft) https://university.bernieportal.com/ (BernieU: Your free one-stop-shop for compelling, convenient and comprehensive HR training and courses that will keep you up-to-date on all things human resources.) https://twitter.com/HRPartyofOne (Follow HR Party of One on Twitter)

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