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#009 How to Stay Left of Bang and Survival an Active Shooter Event


It's a sad reality that we all need to be prepared for and need to know how to response to an active shooter event. Craig and David discuss what to do and what not to do and they scratch the surface on this sad but needed discussion. Get Our JUST Launched - Tiny SURVIVAL CARD covers Active Shooter Events and a LOT More: Get the Show Notes HERE: @ - Discover how to deal with the biggest threats to your life and safety FIRST - so you can live to see another day! ESSENTIAL Podcast!   EXCLUSIVE - A Limited Number Are Available to Patreon Subscribers (Shipping January 29th, 2019): Additional Resources - From David and Craig... Live Training Classes @ Nature Reliance School: (Craig’s School) YouTube - Nature Reliance School (Craig’s Channel) YouTube - Ultimate Survival Tips (David’s Channel) MSK-1 Survival Knife System (David’s Sweet Knife): Ultimate Survival Tips - Website: Free Survival e-MAG (From Ultimate Survival Tips) BOOK: Extreme Wilderness Survival - By Craig: BOOK: Ultimate Wilderness Gear - By Craig: BOOK: Essential Wilderness Navigation - By Craig: THE Survival Show - Team Craig is the founder of Nature Reliance School and the Author of: Extreme Wilderness Survival, Ultimate Wilderness Gear and Essential Wilderness Navigation. David is the Founder of Ultimate Survival Tips, Author of Tiny Survival Guide, Designer of MSK-1 Survival Knife System and a Former US Marine. Producer Ben is a Jack-Of-All-Trades. He can build a house, fix almost anything, and produce a great podcast. When he’s not working on podcasts, He’s helping David manage Ultimate Survival Tips.  Keep us Commercial Free AND Join the Community! Get YOU Some FAN-Tastic Gear, Training and Rewards @ --- Send in a voice message:

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