Ep 70 Dr. Carolyn Dean, MD and How We Lost Our Way: Reclaiming our health without prescription medications and surgery.

Eat Real To Heal Podcast

Oct 2020

1 hr 59 min

Dr Carolyn Dean is a medical doctor and a naturopath. She’s the author of over 35 books including The Magnesium Miracle and 110 Kindle Books. Her 50 years in the health field have culminated in a unique supplement line that gives every individual at any stage of wellness or illness the necessary building blocks for sustained health. You can find 20 free eBooks, radio show archives, and blogs on her website below.

On today’s show Carolyn and Nicolette talk about the benefits of supplementation, particularly magnesium, which can be depleted by drug consumption; how the drug industry has changed the way doctors treat patients; how the combination of drugs can make you sicker and how she lost her Canadian Doctors Licence without even having one, all while she was in New York researching AIDS and Chronic Fatigue.

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