Daniel Hemric on his long journey to the Cup Series

By Nate Ryan, NASCAR on NBC Sports

The Richard Childress Racing on the reason why this podcast was taped at a Marathon Gas Station on Highway 3 on the border of Davidson and Concord in North Carolina (1:30); how he met his wife Kenzie, also a regular at this gas station (2:30): working in a Legends team shop down the street (4:30); the family friend who gave Daniel the break to keep his racing career alive with his first real ride (6:00); arevelation of why Daniel struggled so much (with a busted chassis) in his first season in Legends cars (8:00); what got Daniel hooked on racing (9:30); how much has changed for Daniel since he used to visit this gasoline station regularly a decade ago (11:00); the several moments where everything could have gone awry and ended his career (12:30); a test and race at Concord Motorsports park that turned people’s heads on Daniel (14:00); the incredible story of the Legends Million victory (18:00); the unusual way that Daniel got home after his game-changing victory (20:30); taking it one enterprise/project at a time rather than worrying about a vision (23:00); some of the pivotal points that helped Daniel get to RCR (25:00); on his rookie season in Cup through the first five races (28:00); how the younger set in Cup hangs out together (30:00); which driver is wilder away from the track, Bubba or Blaney (31:45); entering Cup without a victory (33:00); taking pride in his contributions to RCR’s Xfinity teams (35:30); why his wife Kenze is “a full-blown superstar” (37:30); if he and Kenzie discussed the end of her career while his continued (39:00); the Dale Earnhardt parallels (42:00).See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.

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