Ep 12 - Working Parents w/ Sarah Lux Lee, CEO Mindr

Working Wife, Happy Life!

May 2020

56 min 41 sec

When we become parents, our worlds completely change forever. But the workplace doesn’t. This notion is behind everything that drives today’s guest, Sarah Lux Lee, in her relentless mission to better the lives of working parents. As the Founder of Mindr, known as the Ted Talks of Parenting, Sarah has built a community for support and resources for working parents as well as working with top companies to attract, engage and retain women and parents. Especially during this time where the lines have blurred even more between our responsibilities, Sarah brings insights from her impressive Mindr community to bring to light the many ways we are all struggling and thriving -- in this beautiful chaos of managing careers and our family. Crying babies, and crying parents, welcome! Please tune in and leave us your feedback in the comments. Also, if you enjoyed this conversation, please subscribe and give us 5 stars! Please, don't forget to subscribe to our podcast on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, or wherever you tune into your favorite podcasts! To contact me with comments, questions, or speaker ideas, please e-mail workingwifehappylifepodcast@gmail.com and please keep the feedback coming! Want to stay up to date on what's new with Working Wife, Happy Life? Follow us on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram @workingwifehappylife and on Twitter @WorkWifeHapLife

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