Lindsay Schluter - Changing Careers - F’n Live Right Now!

Strong Ambition Podcast

Sep 1

1 hr 6 min

Episode 16Lindsay Schluter - Changing Careers - F’n Live Right Now!Lindsay is a copywriting coach with maverick coaching academy and has recently started her own breathwork coaching for her Goddess Circle women’s group. Lindsay has been an amazing coach for myself throughout the time I’ve spent at Maverick Coaching Academy for fitness and therapy coaches. I still remember the first day I met her in person, without hesitation and huge smile she came up and hugged me. We had only met online up to this point a few times and she came in like a ball of energy and love. Lindsay has an incredible story of changing the norms and chasing passion. She started out as a librarian, but recognized her lack of content with what she was doing and pursued a career as a personal trainer. She then evolved to be a copywriting coach with the Maverick Coaching academy and now into breath work coaching. This episode is great as we dive into some great topics:How she grew up and what inspired herHer father influencing herChanging career pathsChallenges of changing careersSelf TrustWhat is breathwork? Advice for others to want a path for themselvesFind more from Show Notes:0:00 - Intro1:15 - Episode start (greetings)3:30 - Tell us about yourself, how did you grow up?7:10 - What were some big moments growing up that created this perception of who you are as a positive person? (stories about living in the moment)16:45 - Where your career started, and how it evolved24:20 - What was the mental hurdle/barrier you had to overcome when you decided to change your path?28:10 -

Do you remember any specific points, where you felt that was a hard day/decision..? 31:15 - Realising this isnt the only way to feel/think33:05 - Tell people what breathwork is about and how do you utilize it?39:25 - Do you find new things come out during breathwork or do you try to go after certain things?42:00 - Importance of a group/coach while practicing breathwork45:50 - You embrace taking on big challenges, do you think this is from your upbringing? Do you have any other influences where you get that from?49:20 - Surrounding yourself with people who are going to help you to achieve your goals50:10 - What advice would you give to someone you see as a younger version of yourself?54:10 - Don't wait for your vision of reality to come to you, you have to put in the work to make it happen55:30 - Is there anything else in the works, what is your most recent ambition?1:00:00 - Balance is unattainable, it's a lifelong process - a constant recalibration1:03:45 - Contacts - How to find Lindsay online1:04:40 - Outro/closing remarks

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