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Daily Devotion - Episode 74 - The Freedom of Forgiveness

By Devotable

Forgiveness, often misunderstood in a variety of ways, is an extremely important element of our relationship with Jesus. It was important enough that Jesus gave forgiveness a prominent position in teaching the disciples how to pray. The freedom of forgiveness is a topic of much discussion between Jesus and His disciples, and between Jesus and the Father, even from the cross. Obviously, it is an issue we need to see with clarity and truth.Understanding ForgivenessOur starting point for understanding the freedom of forgiveness is to understand completely in our hearts what all we have been forgiven. This statement is a version of, “Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye?” (Matthew 7:3) but is presented from the perspective of forgiving because we have been forgiven so much.Jesus' ForgivenessHaving received the greatness of the mercy of Jesus for all of our sins, do we truly understand the depth of His forgiveness if we are holding others accountable to pay for their debts to us? Can they pay those debts? In truth, Jesus is the only one Who can pay for those debts. In releasing those debts into Jesus’ hands, I am acknowledging this truth and setting myself free from any bondage to the sin committed against me and finding my freedom in the forgiveness of others.Jesus’ forgiveness is simply the grace and mercy offered through the blood of Jesus, that He would pay our debt. Refusing to forgive others makes us a slave to their sin. Forgiveness sets us free, so that we can truly live the new life of freedom and peace offered – and paid for – by Jesus.Read the full devotion at

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