Nov 2020

34 min 58 sec

Meet Riddhi and Vasundhara Oswal On Monday November 21, 2020 I had the pleasure of interviewing Riddhi and Vasundhara Oswal. These two dynamic young ladies have used their own experience and the pain of bullying to found the Stop The B anti bullying campaign. And what a job they are doing.

Riddhi is a 16-year-old student, aspiring engineer and co-founder of Stop the B. After having experienced bullying and the stigmatizing effect of double-punishment at her previous school in Switzerland, Riddhi was determined to turn her negative experience into a positive one and create a campaign to help stop bullying and bystanding. Vasundhara – aged 22 – was inspired to create Stop The B after witnessing her younger sister being bullied at school. She is also currently working in the family business, as the finance director of a new multi-million-dollar business venture in South East Asia. Vasundhara believes that Stop The B is a force for good, by seeking to empower people to become ‘active bystanders’ by removing the stigma associated with speaking out and reporting bullying. I was thrilled to have them on the show and believe that their efforts will go a long way in helping to stop bullying world wide. Please take the time to visit their Facebook and twitter pages.

Podcast Episode