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24: How can I love myself If I don't know who I am anymore?

By Coby Stokman

This is something that my husband use to say to me all the time as I would wait at the door for him and then winge about my body, the way I felt the way I looked the way I perceived myself and do you know what he used to say to me: ‘Cobe, how can you expect others to love you if you can't even love yourself’.   My response...’whatever....can you just love me now’ haha! Ohhhh, how times have changed!!! Let’s talk about this!    KEY TAKEAWAYS:  Loving you is so much more than standing in front of the mirror and saying ‘i love me’ it is about KNOWING who you are.  I hear ‘love yourself’ all the time, but really how can you love you if you have lost who you really are?  Who you are us more than WHAT you is MORE than being a mum, wife, friend. It is about what sets your soul on fire  What would your friends say best describes you? Is it you love crude jokes? Do you laugh like a hyena? Do you LOVE riding bikes, snowboarding or being on the edge of adventure? Tell me, what makes you YOU because the sooner you can accept and most importantly LOVE that you. That inside...the sooner your whole life will light up!!!    TOOLS:   So, who are you? Write this down.  Hello, my name is:  Most weekends I can be found:  I am known as:  I love my life because:  Most people don’t know:  Download the worksheet below and do this every day!!! Expect this to change and evolve as days go on...this is what you want, for more to come up. Now, this is something that you can do whenever you feel lost...coming back to WHO YOU ARE.     CONNECT  If you haven’t already, go connect with me!  Web:    Facebook: @therealmumlife  Instagram: @therealmumlifeaus     DO YOU LOVE THE REAL MUM LIFE PODCAST?  Mama’s, we’re practically already best friends, but I’d love you even more if you would subscribe to The Real Mum Life Podcast on iTunes and give us a review! 

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