Episode 9: Angela Tieri is a Trailblazer

By Runners Of The Bay

This week’s episode is with Angela Tieri, a resident of Mill Valley, CA who is about to relocate to Ashland, Oregon. Angela is an accomplished trail and road runner and a run and strength coach and a member of the elite northern california all-female running team, the Impalas. She founded her business, Tieri Training, with the goal of helping runners run strong and healthy. (http://www.tieritraining.com/). In this episode we talk about Angela’s Every Tam Trail Quest during quarantine (her attempt to run or hike every trail in the Tam Watershed), how she found running, and her path to becoming a run and strength coach. Some highlights from our conversation: Why Angela decided to challenge herself by running or hiking every trail in the Tam Watershed Chasing an Olympic Marathon Trials Qualifying time and being ok with falling short of big goals How Angela knew strength training was a key component for any running program early on Angela’s passion for helping others overcome injury How Angela made the career leap to starting her own business How the pandemic actually helped Angela expand her coaching offerings beyond anything she could have expected We’re sad Angela has left the Bay Area, but are excited to follow along on all of her new adventures in Oregon! Follow Angela on Instagram and Twitter @tieri_training, and follow her training on Strava. Follow Runners of The Bay on Instagram and Twitter @Runnersofthebay. Check out our website runnersofthebay.com and send us an e-mail at runnersofthebay@gmail.com. Music is California by The Spectacular Fantastic.

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