Prof. Simone Dietrich - Bariscope Episode #06


Jul 12

59 min 47 sec

It is an honour and pleasure to welcome for today’s episode professor Simone Dietrich! Since 2017 she is an associate professor at the faculty of sciences de la société at the University of Geneva, specialised in foreign aid and international development. We will be talking to her about how domestic politics and civil society shape foreign aid allocation, the differences between the different development actors (NGOs, International Organisations, Public Private Partnerships), what effect a left-leaning government compared to a right-leaning government has on development spendings, what interests states pursue when allocating foreign aid and the geostrategic tensions in international development between the USA and China. In particular, we will hear about the motivations of Prof. Simone Dietrich to re-enter academia after having worked for several years in the field for various international organizations, NGOs, for the German foreign office as well as on election observation missions to Georgia, Kyrgyzstan and Bosnia and Herzegovina. We hope you enjoy this conversation, learn plenty and are inspired to curiously question current foreign aid practices. As always: we would be happy to hear your thoughts and comments on Instagram, you’ll find us @bariscope_ccc! Interesting ressource on foreign aid website for which Prof. Simone Dietrich publishes: In case you’re interested in learning more about Prof. Simone Dietrich's research:

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