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066 | Yoni Steams & Womb Medicine with Jedaya Barboza

By Meredith Rom: Women's Leadership Coach, Spiritual Entrepreneur, and Blogger

After hearing about the wonders of “yoni steaming” from a few friends, I invited Jedaya Barboza on the podcast to share more about this practice. Whether you are healing from a health related challenge relating to the womb, have painful menstrual cycles, or are missing your cycle altogether, today’s episode is full of information for you to take steps forward on a path of healing by tuning into the wisdom of your womb. In this episode we discussed: How Jedaya was rebirthed on the path of the Priestess Jedaya’s connection to Mary Magdalene & Isis Yoni Steaming - what it is and how to do it Herbs to use for Yoni Steams Womb Mysteries Womb Clearing The Womb Voice The Moon and How She is Connected To Our Womb   Stay in touch with Jedaya: Instagram Website   Jedaya Barboza is a devotional Priestess of the Goddess. She has dedicated her life to walking the footsteps of the goddess with every breath she inhales, offering the gift of the Sacred Red Rose to women and serving the Goddess however she calls for her to show up. She is an initiated Priestess of the Women's Mysteries, a midwife of the veils, holding a safe container for women and sisters of all colors to birth their full essence and to enter their Queendom. She has been the midwife of her own rebirth, and has heard the calling to midwife other women’s rebirth all over the world. Jedaya was reborn to create change by inspiring, empowering, and co-creating a world of healthy spiritual transformation through art, connection, sensuality, movement, breath, and music. She has facilitated cacao and ecstatic dance ceremonies, Wild Woman Retreats,  yoni steaming ceremonies, full moon ceremonies, and red tent in MA and Costa Rica. She offers one-on-one Rose Womb Activations.   Podcast by Meredith Rom - Rising Women Leaders | Spirituality | Personal Growth | Yoga. Intuition, stories, and voices

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