249 | Minimalist Weddings

By Joshua Fields Millburn, Ryan Nicodemus

Joshua and Ryan discuss all things weddings—debt, expenses, expectations, responsibilities, ceremonies, outfits, wedding guests, and more—with blogger, author, and matrimonial expert Jessica Bishop, and they answer the following questions: What are the most common questions regarding weddings? (04:17) How do I appropriately manage my family’s expectations regarding the wedding? (08:50) Where do most couples go wrong regarding their wedding planning? (09:37) Is there any scenario where it would be appropriate to take on debt for a wedding? (12:46) How do I maintain a minimalist wedding despite a large guest list? (14:18) What are some alternatives to traditional weddings, particularly in light of the global pandemic? (14:52) What consumes most of the budget for a wedding? (15:24) What is the appropriate number of guests for a wedding? (17:25) How do I create a minimalist celebration ceremony rather than a traditional wedding? (19:13) What are the different variations of marriages? (20:54) What does commitment truly mean in a relationship? (23:30) What are some celebration event options for couples? (26:30) How do couples arrive at an appropriate budget for their wedding? (26:50) What are some of the most ridiculous things that couples have spent their wedding budget on? (27:44) What is the appropriate size and cost of a wedding gift? (30:46) How do couples set the appropriate expectations with their guests regarding wedding gifts? (31:54) What are the most ideal gift registries for weddings? (33:07) Detailed show notes: minimalists.com/podcast Support The Minimalists: minimalists.com/support

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