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Technology, Meetings, and Learning with Corbin Ball

By Tagoras - Jeff Cobb and Celisa Steele

With over two decades of experience running international technology meetings, Corbin Ball is a highly acclaimed speaker, consultant, and writer who helps clients use technology to increase their efficiency and productivity. Because his work focuses primarily at the intersection of technology and meetings – rather than solely on learning – he offers a slightly different perspective to those of us in the business of lifelong learning. In this episode of the Leading Learning podcast, Celisa talks with Corbin about what’s going on in the world of meetings and technology, including virtual conferences and virtual and augmented reality, as well as their impact on learning and the potential benefits and limitations associated with each. Full show notes available at  Highlighted Resource – The Tagoras virtual events report, Association Virtual Conferences: State of the Sector - We’re currently in the process of running a new survey and we’ll be issuing a new edition of the report in the fall of 2018, but for now you can access the previous report, which is chockfull of data about how organizations are—and aren’t—using virtual conferences. Our sponsor this quarter is ReviewMyLMS, a collaboration between our company, Tagoras, and 100Reviews, the company that is behind the very successful ReviewMyAMS site. As the name suggests, ReviewMyLMS is a site where users can share and access reviews of learning management systems, but in this case, the focus is specifically on systems that are a good fit for learning businesses, meaning organizations that market and sell lifelong learning. Contribute a review and you will get access to all existing and future reviews—there are already more than 100 on the site. And, if you don’t have review to contribute, there is also a subscription option. Just go to to get all the details.

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