Stalker moms, cosmetic surgery and wild dreams - Episode 351 - The Scribble with Jeremy Bradley

The Scribble with Jeremy Bradley

Nov 5

29 min 59 sec

Jeremy Bradley once again dials up radio producer, Suzanne Howler, to discuss random topics from their lives. JB reveals that his mom is a stalker. She's circling and surveilling JB's grandma's house and property after it was recently sold following her death. Worse yet, she's poking around the new owner's life and chatting with the neighbors to see what's going on. Also, she's taking photos of the property and complaining to family about what's happening at the house. But, it's the new owner's business what he does so what is it her concern? Suzanne, as a mom, chimes in to share her thoughts. Later, when someone comes to you and says they're having substantial cosmetic surgery, do you mind your own business or give your opinion? Finally, if you have a detailed dream, do you connect the dots and see if it relates to something in your everyday life? (The first part of their chat is Episode 347.)

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