Ep. 108: No Silos, with Google Health’s David Feinberg and FasterCures’ Esther Krofah

Conversations with Mike Milken

Nov 2020

19 min 7 sec

David Feinberg, Vice President, Google Health; Advisory Board Member, FasterCures Esther Krofah, Executive Director, FasterCures “What we've really tried to do is get information out there to the public, to researchers, to public health folks, so they can make better decisions about what's happening so that we can all get through this.” – David Feinberg When the history of COVID is written, David Feinberg and Esther Krofah will be among those rightfully celebrated for their work in furthering public understanding and private collaboration throughout the pandemic. As head of Google Health, Dr. Feinberg oversees the tech giant’s efforts, including contact tracing and mental health support. As Executive Director of FasterCures, Krofah forges cross-sector partnerships and oversees the organization’s COVID-19 Treatment and Vaccine Tracker, a publicly accessible, real-time tool to understand the latest research and developments. “We've seen a tremendous amount of collaboration with regard to COVID,” she tells Mike. “As we think about other disease conditions, we realized that we don't have to work in silos. We can come together to share data, make libraries available, and collaborate on medical research that can accelerate these efforts going forward.”

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