Why There’s No One Single Solution with Dr. Kim Dennis

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7 jul

40 min 57 seg

In this episode, I have a conversation with my friend and colleague Dr. Kim Dennis, who specializes in the treatment of both addictions and eating disorders. Dr. Kim and I talk all about why there’s no one solution for everyone and why self-judgment simply isn’t helpful. She explains the complex issues that go into healing an eating disorder and the importance of finding the truth that lies inside of you.

Dr. Kim Dennis is a board-certified psychiatrist who specializes in treating addictions, eating disorders and co-occurring disorders. She has helped thousands of remarkable people with their illnesses. Her knowledge of eating disorders and addiction isn’t just limited to her academic and clinical experience, having had her own personal experience as a woman in recovery from an eating disorder and alcoholism. Today, she is able to combine her personal journey with her medical training to help SunCloud Health patients become emotionally strong, responsible problem-solvers, who are inspired to create fulfilling lives for themselves. She believes in and maintains a holistic perspective in the practice of psychiatry, incorporating biological, psycho-social and spiritual approaches into the individually-tailored treatment programs for each patient at SunCloud Health.

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