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Overcoming the Odds by Not Giving up on Her Passion for Fishing - 045

By Angie Scott & Barb Carey

You've heard us talk about our Woman Angler & Adventurer Facebook Group on the show (if you're not already a member- go join here!). There's a lot of amazing women in that group and one of our favorite things to do is to read their stories. One in particular really touched us recently. It was that of group member Rachel Lynn Vickers. We think it will touch and inspire you too, so we wanted to have her on the show to share it with all the listeners. She hails from the Adirondack Mountains of Northern New York and is a fisheries biologist, Forest Ranger, & both a Freelance & Fisheries expert Field writer for Coastal Angler & The Angler Magazines. Fishing is her passion, and it may have saved her life!You see, at the young age of 30, Rachel was diagnosed with an aggressive form of Metastatic Breast Cancer. As a result, for the next 10 years, she underwent countless surgeries and treatments all while being a single mom. Through it all, she never lost hope and it was her love of fishing that kept her hope alive. If that's not inspiring, I'm not sure what is!Enjoy this episode of The Woman Angler & Adventurer and be sure and share it with someone who could use a little shot of hope in their lives! Subscribe & Review in iTunes:Are you subscribed to our podcast? If you’re not, we want to encourage you to do that today. We don’t want you to miss an episode. We'll be adding bonus episodes to the mix from time-to-time and if you’re not subscribed there’s a good chance you’ll miss out on those. Click here to subscribe in iTunes!Now if you’re feeling extra loving, we would be really grateful if you left us a review over on iTunes, too. Those reviews help other people find our podcast and they’re also fun for us to go in an read. Just click here to review, select “Ratings and Reviews” and “Write a Review” and let us know what your favorite part of the podcast is. We just might share it on an upcoming episode! Thank you!Additional Resources:Follow Rachel's Fishing Adventures on InstagramCoastal Angler & Angler MagazinesThe Woman Angler & Adventurer Facebook GroupThe Woman Angler & Adventurer on InstagramThe Woman Angler & Adventurer Podcast WebsiteListen on Apple Podcasts (subscribe and leave a review!)Listen on Google PodcastsListen on SpotifyFull show notes at

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