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Episode 40: The Story of Mojo and Fertility Technology 🤰

By Dr. James Somauroo

This week, James is joined by Mohamed Taha, founder and CEO of Mojo Diagnostics. Mohamed has been a medical student, an engineer, an investor and is now an entrepreneur. His journey to entrepreneurship started with a misdiagnosis during his PhD in Lyon, meaning he underwent fertility testing thwart with problems and inaccuracies. This led Mohamed to explore the issue and eventually build a company to solve the worldwide problems. Mojo applies artificial intelligence to semen analysis, which is used to determine a man’s fertility. Today, diagnostic semen analysis is a very time consuming manual process requiring a highly trained professional. Using AI, Mojo is able to make the analysis easier, increasing the number of sperm that are counted and assessed. Mojo therefore assists in improving accuracy and producing reliable results, in a fraction of the time. On the podcast, James and Mohamed talk about his journey, perceptions of fertility issues, the technology needed both now and in the future and how to get investment when you’re trying to create a new market. For more information and content, check out our website You can follow us on Twitter @HSVenture, on Instagram, on Linkedin at HS. and you can email us at  You can get our host, Dr. James Somauroo, at and you can follow him on Twitter @jamessomauroo, on Instagram @j_soms and on Linkedin at james-somauroo

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