Admissions | How to "Wow" Admissions

UnsCripted Medicine

Dec 2020

1 hr 19 min

In this installment of our Pre-Med series, we are delighted to have on Dr. Abbigail Tissot, Assistant Dean of Admissions at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine. Pulling back the curtain on the inside works of an admissions committee, we provide insight as to how an admissions committee is structured, as well as how to avoid looking like a “typical” candidate throughout all steps of the application cycle. We hope you find this helpful! Time-stamps: 02:20 - Dr. Tissot’s role & background.06:20 - Typical admissions committee structure. 11:45 - COVID-19-related modifications to the 2020 cycle.16:20 - Diversity & inclusion on admissions committees. 20:20 - What is a “typical” candidate?30:20 - Primary Application42:30 - Gap years47:10 - Secondary Applications56:10 - Scores & GPA’s1:00:00 - Interviews1:10:00 - General qualities of competitive applicants1:11:20 - Why choose UCCOM?Contact information: Contact UCCOM Admissions: Visit the UCCOM Admissions Website: 

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