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111 Ashley Taylor | The Importance of Surface vs. Depth

By Harry Duran

After connecting via the Anchor application I was excited about the opportunity to connect with Ashley. She's been podcasting straight Monday through Sunday and as of this conversation has not missed a day, 180 plus episodes and counting. After going through the ups and downs of the online marketing world, she has now found her real voice and hit her stride. She's an open book and a genuine soul. 04:20 - How Ashley and Harry met 05:40 - Why 6 figures is bullshit 07:30 - Taking the 30-day podcast challenge 10:30 - There are thought leaders and "thought leaders" 15:15 - Overnight success does not just happen 17:35 - The importance of sharing the entire journey, good and bad 20:00 - How to handle requests you can easily Google! 22:30 - Where does this out-sized personality come from? 23:30 - Why she does a daily Facebook Live 24:20 - Ashley has always been a performer 26:30 - No one is going to give you permission 28:10 - Where she gets inspiration from. 29:30 - You don't have to tell people you're going to be vulnerable, just do it! 33:00 - You don't have just be one way 34:50 - Everyone is trying to keep up with the Joneses, but the Joneses are bankrupt! 38:10 - Harry and Ashley met on Anchor 43:00 - Ashley never originally planned on having guests 45:00 - 180+ daily episodes and counting! 47:00 - What has Ashley changed her mind about recently 51:00 - Thoughts on Tony Robbins FULL SHOW NOTES:

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