Murde Ki Jaan Khatre Mein

By Garima Surana

First go wash your hands come on! Now sit back and relax! Oh I forgot you’re anyway relaxing way too much these days! Um, bored? Of course yes! Did you  know about the latest corona challenge of licking a toilet seat? Want to hear more of Popkast Playlist? And 5 awesome things to do while quarantined! How about listening to the gruesome suffering of a corona patient straight from Taiwan for the first time ever on Indian media. Tune in to the second episode and let’s rant.  Serving piping hot sizzler of Corona, gormint, bhakts, janta and real stories of people with virus all enveloped in Popkast with Garima style! Audio Credits*: Supreme Film Company Mos Def Rashmi Shaarbi Cigarettes after Sex Bindass Coke Studio Pakistan (Rohail Hyatt) Sofi Tukker Sabrina Claudio *No infringement intended PS: Hoping corona virus won’t last long since it was made in China!

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