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524: Offer Forgiveness | Colossians 3:13

By Matt McCarrick | Phosphorus Project

With all that God has forgiven of us, shouldn’t we forgive others, too? Forgiveness. It’s tough. When we feel wronged, it is so easy to focus on the other person. “They need to apologize. They need to be sorry for what they did to me!” But in the Bible, God is never concerned with the other person. We can’t control them. We can’t make them do what we want. There is only one thing we can control. We have the power to forgive. No, it isn’t easy. But remember how much God forgave us. Remember what Jesus did for us so we could experience God’s forgiveness. If we do that, I mean truly understand it, it will help us the next time we need to forgive someone else. Don’t live your life with unresolved anger. That leads to bitterness. Live your life with a forgiving heart. You have the perfect example. Hint: It’s Jesus.

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