EVH remembered

By Christopher Johnson

This episode is in remembrance of Eddie Van Halen. I didn't know until last week that we lost Eddie... I was first influenced by Eddie Van Halen when I was in fourth grade in 1984. Hearing the album 1984 wasvall it took and the realization I'd been given and the gift of the desire that I needed to play guitar came from what i saw and heard from Eddie Van Halen. I gave up within two years because we were playing church music not 'Jump' of 'Panama'... When i picked it back up at age 18, i felt like I had found my voice and my home in the guitar. For this reason, I didn't realize the loss I felt by this mentor I never met but his playing will always be an indelible indelible mark left by a very talented man, who shared his gift of music. This is a special episode and for this reason I will be taking a moment of silence and not speaking during the episode. There's a song called "Saints" which is this song by Moby that I play on having downloaded the garage band session from blend.io. I end with a track by AC/DC. Think of Tony Stark.

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