Kate Beveridge

A Whole New Ballgame

Nov 2020

49 min 43 sec

We spend time with Aussie netball star Kate Beveridge in this episode of A Whole New Ballgame. You'll struggle to find an athlete with more perspective on their place in the game (albeit in our opinion a little too self deprecating!), especially when it comes to her selection for the Australian Diamonds, which is a fun story in itself.A journeyman of the sport, Kate enjoyed stints in national league teams across the country and in NZ, where she called an end to her career. We discuss how Kate kept her passion and love for the game when changing organisations and how she dealt with reduced court time in the twilight years of her career. Recently retired, Kate recognises the impact she can have on others and has returned to Melbourne to start giving back via the North Melbourne Football Club's program 'The Huddle'.It's an honest, forthright and entertaining episode and I'm thrilled to bring it to you.

Enjoy the chat. 👍

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