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10 Steps to Improve Attention and Cash Flow - MPSOS154

By Steve Stewart

It had been a hectic morning. I recorded two interviews before leaving for the airport but I made it to the terminal with plenty of time. About 100 passengers ahead of me were being rushed as their flights were affected by weather but I had plenty of time. No reason to panic - I've done this dozens of times: Print boarding pass Check a suitcase Head towards security Have ID and boarding pass ready Take out any liquids, aerosols or gels Take everything out of my pockets Place my shoes on the conveyor belt Unzip my laptop bag and pull out my..................... WAIT! WHERE IS MY LAPTOP?! The spot where my MacBook is stored was empty. Did someone steal it when I wasn't looking? All my recordings and videos that I was going to work on, did I have a sufficient backup for all my recordings? What about all my pictures? I texted my wife: "URGENT: Go to my office. Is my laptop there?" She replied and my heart instantly sighed - I had left it on my desk. DOH! Being distracted sucks I was so scatterbrained that I left one of my most important pieces of gear at home - my MacBook Pro. I was going to work on my How To Use ScreenFlow course and record this week's podcast during the down times. #ChangeOfPlans Psyblog's article delivered to my inbox I had to rely on my iPhone to stay sane by being productive while waiting for the plane. I checked my favorite apps: Twitter, Facebook, ...and then my email where I found this clever and timely post by PsyBlog: "Super-Focus: 10 Natural Ways to Nuture Your Attention" I wish I had read this last night. PsyBlog tells us the 10 ways to improve our focus and attention. Many of them work for personal finance as well. Click the play button to hear more about this post [powerpress] 1. Take a break: We can only concentrate efficiently for a certain period of time 2. Chunk it: Break your tasks into smaller, manageable chunks. 3. Ditch the multitasking: It doesn't really work 4. Environment: Some people like busy cafes, others like libraries. 5. Try nature: Studies show that greater focus could be outside 6. Deal with interruptions (and track them) 7. Meditate: There are 10 ways meditation benefits your mind (click here to read the article) 8. Take a breath: Clear your mind and focus on the one thing you never have to think about 9. Sleep (my favorite): Sleep rejuvenates attention 10. Find flow: Some would call this "getting in the zone" How attention affects your cash flow When you focus all your attention on one thing you are more likely to succeed. Give up and you won't become the last man standing. Pour yourself into a project and you will likely notice more of the nuances and details while getting to know the subject matter better than anyone else - giving you an edge over the competition and making you the expert. When it comes to personal finances: It's the same thing. If you want to get out of debt then develop a plan, track the interruptions, place yourself in the right environment (like staying out of the malls and cooking at home instead), break your goal of getting out of debt into smaller pieces like Dave Ramsey's Baby Steps, and then meditate, breath, and sleep. After a while you will find flow (cashflow). You'll remain motivated, stretch your skills to the limits but not too far, and by using a budget you will get immediate feedback on how you are doing!

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