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Listen Up Show Mitchell Chadrow Podcast Show 001

By Mitchell Chadrow: Fintech Entrepreneur, Attorney, and Business Startup Advisor

The post Listenup Show the Mitchell Chadrow Podcast Show 001 first appeared on and was republished on Hello Trusted Friends, I'm Mitchell Chadrow the host of the Listenup Show.  I am an attorney, entrepreneur, husband and father of two young girls.  I started practicing law back in 1994 and started my first company in 1996 called VirtualCash, Inc.  I have been providing business advice, resources and help to entrepreneurs, business owners, and startups for over 20 years.    When you sign up for my email list at – you get: full transcripts for each interview, my ebook 30 Tools to Startup, the Startup Checklist and education and training materials.    The show has three main sponsors: sponsors our startup round The types of questions I ask: I ask about their personal story. You can find my story at One best piece of business advice received? I discuss life-changing moments, the executed steps they took to get them through from startup to launch to final success. I ask them what contributes most to their success and the key challenges they encountered. sponsors our fast pitch round and BankSmarter sponsors our wrap up round. At the end of the show, the guests provide us with three main takeaways, special links, and resources and how we can keep in touch. You can also follow me on twitter @MitchellChadrow and   Why Listen up – the guest’s stories provide a roadmap of actionable and executable steps and a wealth of wisdom to help you achieve your own business family and life goals and dreams. You will discover your own path and your own way but our guests and the trust friends community are here to let you know you are not alone and it is possible to do it. The show is for you: students, recent graduates, startup entrepreneurs, career professional thinking about starting up, an employee in transition or someone wanting to start up something on the side, a successful business owner taking your company to the next level or recent retiree looking to start up something new   How you benefit from the guests stories: these stories provide practical solutions, resources, advice, and tips for your everyday problems and issues learn step-by-step detailed actionable and executable things that you can learn from an implement in your own business life-changing moment – aha moment learn from their own adversity and the actions that they took to overcome those setback. The guests are founders that have sold their businesses for millions, CEO's and President's of public companies, young entrepreneurs, business leaders, entrepreneurs that have to build iconic brands, startups, bootstrappers, those who have gone on to shark tank to raise money and so many other awesome guests.   The topics are just as interesting: Hardware Internet of Things, Fintech, angel investors, app developers, content marketers, crowdfunding and crowdsourcing, wearable technology, augmented and virtual reality, marketing strategy, entrepreneurial education, product development, business leadership, career advice, estate and business planning, finance, bootstrapping financial services and so much more. Tech Entrepreneur, technology software application.Digital Marketing. Motivational Speakers.   Boost the rankings of the Listen Up Show the startup entrepreneur podcast by providing a well-written review in iTunes – it helps other people find the show tags: Startups, Entrepreneurs, Business Owners  The post Listen Up Show the Mitchell Chadrow Podcast first appeared on  

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