When, Why, And How Brands Should Seek Help With Amazon with Chris Fryburger of nReach

By Shannon Roddy

It’s not like just any other sale channel you might have, and so it takes time to learn. It takes time to get everything up and running and the like. And so, you have to ask yourself, theoretically, “What sales am I losing as a result of waiting or delay.-Chris Fryburger on the opportunity cost of selling on Amazon In this episode, I am joined by Chris Fryburger, founder of nReach. We will talk about when, why, and how companies should reach out for help with Amazon. We will also discuss the different challenges brands face when outsourcing to an agency, hiring a consultant, or handling Amazon in-house. In addition, we'll cover the do's and don'ts for hiring, as well as help brands discover how they can get the best solution at their current stage on the Amazon platform. Amazon is a critical part of a lot of brands today, and some realize it while others don’t, but when it comes to establishing a presence on Amazon, the brands are in one of three categories namely, “Do it myself, Do it with help, or Do it for me.” That basically means that a brand can either work on their Amazon presence themselves (if they savvy the Amazon platform), work on it with assistance from an expert, or hire an expert (outsource) to work on and manage their Amazon presence for them. Chris says the first step a business should take is to try and figure out what they want to accomplish by building a presence on Amazon and the resources they can allocate towards achieving that. He encourages both small and large businesses alike that are not selling on Amazon to start now, and do so by seeking help from experts in setting themselves up on the platform. Tune in to find out more about that and get all the tips that will help you start selling on Amazon successfully, or get the help you need to increase your sales on the platform. Key Points of Discussion:The three categories every brand is in when it comes to Amazon (02:59)The time to start selling on Amazon is now (05:36)The best option for getting your Amazon account unsuspended (09:20)If you have a product that should be sold on Amazon, then you should be selling on Amazon (13:30)Steps to take to start doing Amazon in-house (17:15)How private labels and smaller companies beat out bigger brands for organic keywords (22:10)Finding the best Amazon consultant and the pros and cons of working with ex-Amazonians (27:34)50% of all your eCommerce should be on Amazon or you’re just leaving money on the table (34:38)The importance of having contracts with consultants that guarantee their performance and protect both parties (39:44)Creating realistic expectations and avoiding agencies that promise certain guarantees (43:02)Sometimes it's simply a matter of finding the right fit (55:39)The evaluation process to use and the time-frame for making a decision (01:02:32)--Additional Resources:nReach WebsiteChris on Linkedin--Are you looking to Launch, Grow or Protect your brand on Amazon? Learn more at: https://www.marketplacesellercourses.com/

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