Buying And Selling Businesses Without Making Big Mistakes with Domenic Rinaldi

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Dec 2020

1 hr 2 min

Many entrepreneurs and founders have recently realized that it makes more sense to buy a business than to build one from scratch. I like to think of this as the next evolution of skillsets for any entrepreneur because it helps you achieve inorganic and often exponential growth. On the other side, selling a business can be a massively impactful decision to any business owner's future and making sure you do it right is critical.That's why I invited Domenic Rinaldi on the show to talk about his experience in working directly with both buyers and sellers to help them navigate a complex transaction.Meet Domenic RinaldiAs owner and managing partner of Sun Acquisitions, and Domenic helps his clients both buy and sell businesses across a variety of industries.Since 2005 he’s been personally involved in over 300 transactions for businesses with enterprise values of $2 million to $50 million.In this episode we discussThe real risks that buyers and sellers face in the process of buying or selling a businessStrategies to prepare well before a purchase or a sale.How Private Equity (PE) groups are now dipping down into the small business market in their search for acquisition targetsWhich sectors are the hottest for sellers and PEAnd what to do if you're thinking about buying or selling now or in the near futureYou can get more information from Domenic by emailing him directly at

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