Nick Capper - Comedian

By The Chosen Brew Podcast

In this episode, I talk with Nick Capper who is one of Australia's top comedians. You may have heard Nick on The Little Dum Dum Club or, his own comedy podcast, The Phone Hacks. Buy Nick's debut comedy special or support his art work at redbubble.In other news, find a growing list of breweries and beer stockists delivering here: Matt @Mattteachingbeernerd list of indie brewers delivering across Australia.The Chosen Brew is a podcast for people, passionate about beer, to talk us through the six beers that changed them. Their chosen brews. Expect choices to be full of nostalgia, emotional wanderings and plain old loyalty as the guests tell their story through the beers that they treasure.Follow The Chosen Brew on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.Log on to the website at: www.thechosenbrewau.comThe Wheel of Sport, my other podcast is, the greatest sports stories ever told. Guests are given the following guidelines:- Each beer choice has to have been commercially available at some point.- Although this is essentially a quality beer podcast, choices can be any beer, however mainstream. ​- Guests will choose their favourite drinking vessel from which all their beers will be consumed.- Also, guests will choose their ultimate beer snack to go alongside their choices. ​- Talking about the beers that didn't quite make the six is encouraged. See for privacy and opt-out information.

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