BONUS - The New Reality of Virtual Apartment Tours | Panel Discussion  


With several weeks under their belts, property management teams have had to pivot, using video and virtual leasing to get more tours. To discuss how the industry has adapted and changed, PERQ hosted a panel discussion with Jenna Miller, Senior Director of Marketing at Buzzuto; Margaret Henry, Director of Marketing with Covideo; and Matt Weirich, CEO and co-founder of Realync. The panel all agreed that with social distancing, leasing teams are learning to be more creative, throwing out fears and connecting with rental prospects on a personal level. While there is still a place for those sexy, polished marketing videos, authentic real-time or pre-recorded videos with leasing teams are the new reality and creating the most connection with renters.  Those authentic virtual tours are even resulting in leases for apartment communities. Miller noted while the first few weeks during the pandemic were slow, their teams at Bozzuto are seeing the same number of leases they were getting before COVID-19 occurred thanks to video. When polled during the panel discussion, 80 percent of attendees (approximately 100 respondents) say they had NOT used video as a primary tool for apartment tours prior to the pandemic. Out of those same respondents when asked which of the following tour options they leverage today, 83% say they are using live video tours, 91% do pre-recorded videos, 46% are using self-guided tours and 22% are doing in-person tours.    Clearly, the way multifamily communities connect with residents and prospects has changed within just a few weeks. However, panelists agree that by being nimble, creating a virtual tour strategy unique for your team, and keeping it fun, you’ll create a better sense of community within your property and stand out from the crowd. Virtual Apartment Tour Panelists Offer Video Tour Tips Virtual Property Tour Resources to Help your Multifamily Teams Live Video Tour Checklist:’  Multifamily Video Starter Pack:  A Year of DIY Videos for your Apartment Community: How to Create a Virtual Scavenger Hunt: Digital Leasing Guide: The Bridge Podcast: Using Virtual Apartment Tours to Get More Leases: Multifamily Teams Offer Virtual Apartment Tour Tips: Tours Down Due to COVID-19? Offer Multiple Tour Options Virtual Tours and Live Videos Give Rental Prospects Intimate Access:

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