Scaling a Startup Fast, with Andrew Butt of Enable

By Jake Jorgovan, David Ledgerwood, Leaders of B2B

In this episode of Leaders of B2B podcast, Andrew Butt, Co-Founder and CEO at Enable—a cloud-based B2B software solution for rebate management—shares the journey of the business that was only launched in 2017, but today employs a team of 150+. The company was ranked in the Sunday Times as the 50th fastest growing private technology company in Britain, and it’s also the largest in the UK.In the discussion, hear the following:Andrew’s personal entrepreneurial journey, and how it began as a teenager when he started building websites and registering domain names for people.Why Enable was founded and the value it adds.Key lessons learned from the startup’s journey.Team building as they employed more people, and growing the leadership team.Escaping velocity, and the need to get to it quickly.Key areas that need to grow to increase revenue and scaling to the next phase.The key metrics to track, and how they vary depending on company growth.Future plans for Enable.Resources Mentioned:Procter and GambleUnileverGilletteWalmartAmazonService NowSnowflake This episode is brought to you by Content Allies.Content Allies helps B2B tech companies launch revenue-generating podcasts. Build relationships that drive revenue through podcast networking. We schedule interviews with your ideal prospects and strategic partners so that you can build relationships and grow your business. You show up and have conversations, we handle everything else. Learn more at

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