How and Why FanDual is Betting Big on Sports Gambling

By Mission

The stakes when it comes to online sports gambling are higher than ever — literally. Millions of consumers around the world log in daily to check spreads, place wagers, and hope their team not only wins, but also covers the spread. Mike Raffensperger is the CMO of FanDuel Group, an online sportsbook that is betting big when it comes to gambling. Mike joined Marketing Trends to discuss a host of topics, including why content marketing is bigger than any piece of advertising, the need to aggressively pursue authentic experiences, and much more.Main TakeawaysMore Channels More Problems: You can no longer operate in a single channel. If you are going to be in the content business, the variety and intensity of different platforms you operate within has to match how consumers are digesting your content, which is through multiple channels.Experiences over Advertising: Invest in content and experiences that are authentic, memorable and engaging that consumers continually seek out. If your consumers are reliably coming back, and constantly have a pleasant experience, it’s more powerful than any piece of advertising you can buy.Content is King: Your content needs to both educate and entertain. Provide the consumer with something they can’t get anywhere else. Constantly educate them on new ways to engage with your brand and your platform.---Marketing Trends podcast is brought to you by Salesforce. Discover marketing built on the world’s number one CRM: Salesforce. Put your customer at the center of every interaction. Automate engagement with each customer. And build your marketing strategy around the entire customer journey. Salesforce. We bring marketing and engagement together. Learn more at To learn more or subscribe to our weekly newsletter, visit

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