Bringing sexy back

By Clue BioWink

Nothing quite brings your fertility front and center like a pregnancy. Whether a pregnancy ends in a baby or not, it causes big changes to your body. Hormonal changes, like an increase in estrogen and prolactin, can cause or are directly related to physical changes, such as breast and milk duct growth.  What do people who’ve just had a pregnancy, need to know about their birth control options afterwards?  To discuss this, we’re joined by two midwives: Imogen Raye Minton is a home birth midwife and co-founder of the Queer Feminist Midwifery Collective here in Berlin; and Yasmeen Bruckner is a certified nurse, midwife and women's nurse, health practitioner at the University of Washington Northwest Campus Midwives Clinic. For more information on today’s episode visit And to find out how to support the work here at Clue, go to Clue.Plus. "There is this like this thing, this idea, that everything should be back to normal by six weeks. And I really try to encourage people to think about how long it took them to grow a baby in their body and the incredible feat it is to birth a baby no matter how you birth your baby." Further Reading HelloClue: How to use the Clue app to help you become pregnant HelloClue: Postpartum: Sex, fertility, and contraception HelloClue: Pregnancy, Birth & Postpartum HelloClue: PCOS and pregnancy CDC: Dental Dam Use  

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