Ep. 016: Bobby Maximus - Mind Over Matter

By Joe Rodonis

Bobby Maximus joins us this week on The Breakdown!   From 2008-2017 Bobby Maximus was the General Manager, Training Director and Lead Seminar Instructor at Gym Jones, an elite strength and conditioning facility in Salt Lake City, Utah. Bobby’s lovely wife, Lisa Maximus, was the Head of Women’s Program at Gym Jones. They have since moved, creating a world class brand and gym of their own.  Bobby was also a former UFC fighter and Policeman in Toronto.  A current contributor for Men's Health Magazine and the author of "Maximus Body".  During this interview we dive into the psychology of training and life, in general.  - How to approach the time we are all facing under quarantine - The mental toughness of training - Finding gratitude in every situation and celebrating successes - Identifying your value propositions and personal reasons for training Enjoy this episode with Bobby Maximus!  Share with your team and leave us a comment / subscribe to the Podcast.   (Join the team at The Breakdown and support our mission by donating to the show! www.WelcomeToTheBreakdown.com) --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/athletespursuit/support

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