Episode 57: Dan Grieb and Aaron Amuchastegui on Extreme Accountability

Tribe of Millionaires Podcast

Jun 2018

1 hr 17 min

In this episode, you will learn: • Dan and Aaron’s brief backgrounds. • Why Gobundance has been a life-changing experience for both Dan and Aaron. • Dan and Aaron’s definition of Extreme Accountability. • What Extreme Accountability has done for Dan and Aaron‘s lives. • Dan and Aaron share their journey through leadership and accountability. • Ways on how Dan and Aaron hold themselves and others accountable. • Some big leadership lessons. • How Dan and Aaron exemplify accountability to people in their daily lives. • Plus so much more

Dan Grieb is a husband, father friend and business person who has made a decision to change his family tree. Dan was raised in a tough environment in Long Island NY. Dan has survived the grave more than once and knows that his life is about more than him. Dan has completed most of his goals and says that the final items will be realized when his children grown up into productive leaders in American society.

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